Hidersine Violin Veracini Finetune Outfit


Veracini Finetune Violin Outfit 4/4

Perfect for orchestral ensembles, and even easier to tune


“Old meets new as the Veracini violin’s Antique aesthetic is contrasted with the traditional-looking, but undeniably hi-tech Wittner FineTune geared pegs. The Hidersine Veracini violin oozes class and historical authenticity, but in this guise offers the very highest standard of modern tuning stability. Hand-carving of each part of the instrument creates a sonically rich core with a full and mature tone, ideal for an accomplished ensemble performance.”


**Hidersine’s ‘Ready to Play’ Promise**

Your new Hidersine instrument will have already been inspected and setup ‘ready to play’ in our UK service workshops. This means that you can buy with confidence, take your new instrument along to your lesson and be ready to go from the off.


Don’t forget to choose the correct size of instrument.
The Hidersine Veracini Finetune Violin is available in only Full size.

This model is a 4/4 (Full Size) Size, so will be suitable for most teenagers and adults, but we strongly recommend you speak to your local music store or your music teacher to ensure you, your child or your student are measured for the correct size.

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